Belo Sun

The Canadian company Belo Sun Mining Corp., which headquarters is in Altamira, Para (North Brazil), is [set up] to exploit gold mineral resources at Volta Grande do Xingu, with a tremendous new discovery potential. Despite all the efforts to promote better governing practices and sustainable development in the region, there are still significant allegations of large-scale victimization and human rights violations. These have been committed against local communities, which have especially concerned of mass environmental harm and damages to traditional communities (Arara and Jurana).


This case will provide elements with which to analyze the Belo Sun case and the weak regulatory ambience available to prosecutors and regulators. It will create an effective preventative method against victimization and human rights violations, making mining exploitation more difficult. This case will offer elements calling for a stronger legal framework for corporate criminal liability in Brazil. The main purpose of this case is addressing strategies to share the benefits of gold exploitation with local communities. This essay will also stress the need for future research and data collection for more intensive cross culture studies.


This is the case that Eduardo Saad-Diniz, professor at the University of Sao Paulo, will be investigating as part of the partnership (Faculty of Law of Ribeirão Preto and Program for Latin American Studies – FDRP/PROLAM/USP); Scholarship FAPESP/CNPQ.

The Belo Sun Case in Brazil: victimization and human rights violations in Canadian mining companies

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